How Much Does A Virtual Magician Cost In The UK?

Virtual Magician Cost in the UK

Inviting magicians over for a party is the trend now. Magicians are very popular at weddings and at children’s parties. Depending on who you are calling to the party you will have to expect to pay accordingly. Magicians can read minds, play card tricks and make things disappear in mid-air, all of which are a delight to watch. There are too many factors that determine what can be charged by the magician. The location, the audience he/she is performing for, duration of the event and type of entertainment are a few of the factors. You cannot hire a magician on a per hour basis. All the factors need to be considered by the magician to tell you the price he would charge for his services.

The following points will be the main points for a magician’s performance charge

  • The type of event
  • The type of Performance- Close up, stage, cabaret,etc
  • The time of the event
  • Duration of the event
  • If the event is during special times of the year like Christmas
  • Any further tools or extra preparation required on request of the customer
  • If they belong to or represent a company

On average, anything between £350 – £5,000 can be expected to be paid to a magician. For a standard 2 hours show, £250 is the cheapest you can get. While you may be tempted to go for cheaper, you must keep in mind other factors about the magician-like his dressing, behaviour, quality of performance, etc. For 2 hours of Close Up magic, you can expect to pay anywhere between £250- £750.

Final Thoughts

Magicians keep reinventing their tricks and practising with great discipline to be able to perform on stage or in front of people. Even the smallest magic trick shown with such ease is done after the great practice of hands and perfect timing. In London, it is very common to hire magicians to lighten up the party and amuse the people, especially at Christmas parties. There are many Zoom Christmas Party Ideas. For weddings the costs are slightly higher, however, for charity events, it is the cheapest.